General information

The Unexpected Link
Using network science to tackle social problems

Conference at Central European University, June 17-18, 2009
organized by the Center for Network Science

Network science, as a maturing field, offers a unique perspective to tackle social problems, impenetrable to linear-proportional thinking. To the network analyst, the unexpected link is but one step in the percolation process, in the closure of triads, in the interactive dynamics of multiple networks, or in the paths of small world networks. This conference aims at bringing together network researchers from both social science and natural science disciplines, to discuss contributions to ecological problems, innovation, security, the emergence of new institutions, social movements, and large scale social systems

This conference also serves as an opening event of the newly established Center for Network Science at CEU. The aim of this center is to create a problem oriented interdisciplinary platform, that coordinates network research at CEU. The center also aims at becoming a focal node in organizing network science in Europe, and establishing connections to the US.